Iphone 5 Vs Iphone 4 size comparison video

A German High Tech TV named Giga managed to compare the size and design of the unreleased new Apple Iphone 5 smartphone, comparing the new Iphone design and size with the precedent Iphone 4, this comparison video is considered one of the rare prototype preview sent by Apple.

The new Iphone 5 is much thinner and smaller in hight but larger in width comparing with the Iphone 4 and 4S, also you can notice that Apple bring back the same back design of the Iphone 3 with more curved edges and back door, the new Iphone 5 will be powered with a quad core CPU  "A6", 1GB of RAM, also finally Apple decide to move to a bigger display than the precedent generations with 4-inch size.

Full specifications of the Iphone 5 according to many sources:
  • Release: Q3 2012 (Rumored)
  • CPU: Quad-Core A6 (Rumored)
  • Memory: 1 GB (Rumored) 
  • Operating System: iOS 6
  • Bluetooth: TBD
  • Display: 4-inch Retina Display (Rumored)
  • Camera: 10 Megapixels (Rumored)
  • Storage: 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB
  • Standby Time: TBD[[File:|File:]] 
Close Thickness comparison Vs Iphone 4S
by macotakara.jp
Now check out the design comparison video.

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