GTX 655 and GTX 650 Ti specification leaked

Again another leaks of specifications, this time it's about Nvidia's new Kepler 600 series GPUs, 3DCenter report that they got some informations about a new SKUs which will be used on the new mainstream-range 600 series graphic cards very soon.
After the GK106-400 for the GTX 660 video card, here are another two variants, the GK106-250 and GK106-200 founded on an internal Nvidia document, these two new GPU are based on the 22nm process technology "Kepler" architecture, according to the document, the GK106-250 is supposed to be packed in side the next Geforce GTX 655 video card with one SMX units disabled which mean 768 CUDA cores in total, that GPU will be connected to 2 GB of GDDR5 memory using a 192-bit wide memory interface, the same as GTX 660, the next one is the GK106-200 and it's built for the Geforce GTX 650 Ti with two SMX units disabled leaving only three active, that mean 576 CUDA cores available, also 2GB of GDDR5 and only 128-bit of video memory interface.

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