DDR3L-RS SDRAM is ready for the market

Micron Technology (semiconductor solutions company), announced today the availability of t an ultra high speed and low power consumption DDR3L-RS SDRAM using the 30-nanometer processing technology, featuring an ultra-thin size make it perfect for newest ultra-thin laptops, tablets and notebooks, in addition to a longer battery life for the same performance and price, bellow a press release from the company for more details.

Previously announced as "DDR3Lm," these devices improve overall system power consumption by reducing self refresh power (IDD6), enabling Micron to provide chipset vendors, enablers and electronics manufacturers with best-in-class, reduced-power memory that offers the same performance, quality and reliability as standard DRAM. DDR3L-RS meets the expanding needs of today's ultrathin computing and tablet markets and paves the way for enhanced features and capabilities in products like the Intel Ultrabook device.

"The feedback from our customers about this new category of DRAM has been extremely positive," said Robert Feurle, vice president for Micron's DRAM marketing. "We are pleased to be the leading provider of DRAM solutions which are enabling the introduction of ultrathin notebooks and tablets that are thinner, faster and run longer on a single charge."

Micron's milestone of being the first vendor with DDR3L-RS products to be validated at Intel is affirmed in a web posting on Intel's

"Micron was the first DRAM supplier validated on the Ivy Bridge platform with DDR3L-RS, setting the industry standard for reduced standby PC DRAM," said Geof Findley, Memory Enabling Senior Manager at Intel.

In addition to the 2 Gb and 4 Gb devices, Micron has begun sampling 8 Gb x 32 DDR3L-RS and is delivering samples of 8 Gb x 16 DDR3L-RS; production is slated for December 2012. These products offer additional system design flexibility by reducing board space and increasing density. Additional power and footprint savings are expected with the launch of DDR4-RS in early 2013.

DDR3L-RS  from Hynix

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